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If you’re looking for other like-minded, motivated and inspired Filipinos, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a small but growing community of Filipinos from various walks of life hoping to learn through conversation and the sharing of ideas.

Like any community, Filipinos Forward works best when you give as good as you get. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the discourse, but feel free to lurk if that’s your thing. If you choose to participate in the discourse – be respectful.

To get the most out of our Slack channel:

  • Update your profile picture and introduce yourself on #intros. Tell us what you do, where you’re at and what brought you to us. Make your intro as long as you want, but give us at least three sentences worth of an intro.
  • Explore the channels:
    • Default channels:
      • #announcements – Channel for any Filipinos Forward related news.
      • #admins – Reach out to the admins of
      • #advice – A channel to solicit advice if you need it.
      • #events – A channel to post links to events going on in the Filipino community.
      • #jobs – Post your availability or post any jobs you think our members might be interested in.
      • #general – The town square.
      • #intros – Introduce yourself to everyone here.
      • #random – A solid channel for random banter about random things.
      • #reading – Discussions and sharing of articles, blog posts and what not.
    • Optional channels worth checking out:
      • #cooking – See what our members are cooking up.
      • #design – Design discussions. UX, IA, Design Thinking.
      • #tech – All things technology related.
      • #gaming – ‘Nuff said.
      • #politics – Political discussion. Keep it nice. Keep it civil. Keep it respectful. Please. With sugar on top.
      • #entrepreneurship – Starting your own company? Running your own business? Chances are you’ll find this channel useful.
      • #new-channels – If you end up creating a new channel, you’ll want to announce it here. Don’t forget to give your channel a description so everyone knows what it’s about.
      • #show-and-tell – Show us what you got.
    • Regional Channels:
      • #bay-area – Community channel for members in the California Bay Area.
      • #socal – Community channel for members in Southern California.
      • #seattle – Community channel for members in Seattle, WA.
  • Create a channel. Don’t see a channel for a topic you’re interested in discussing? Missing a channel for your city/country? Create one! Announce it on over at #new-channels.

Filipinos Forward is a small but growing community with members all over the world. Please be mindful of this when you use @channel and @here to address a channel. In fact, you should rarely (if ever) use @channel to broadcast to the whole channel.

One more thing worth noting. This Slack is NOT a place for commercial activity. Do not recruit, market your product or advertise your conference except in channels dedicated to that purpose. If your company has a job opening that you’re looking to recruit for – post a link to it up in #jobs. If you’ve joined a new startup or polished off a new app – take it on over to #show-and-tell. Please – DO NOT send an unsolicited direct message. If selling and promoting your things is all you’re here for … you likely won’t get much out of our community. If you see someone engaged in commercial behavior tell someone in the #admins channel and they’ll take care of it.

In case any of this looks familiar, it was inspired heavily from the Rands Leadership Slack.